Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies!

The Great Veggie Struggle!
How do you get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, especially when they may only want to eat chicken nuggets and french fries?

Personally, I have tried many ways, but the one that works best for my kids are to keep making them try it!
My son is 7 years old and it's a struggle to get him to eat his veggies. Every time we have a vegetable he doesn't like, I give him a couple small pieces, after about 10 times, yes 10 times, he doesn't fight me anymore. If he asks me to melt cheese or add a little butter, I do, whatever will make him eat it!
Now my daughter on the other hand will eat any vegetable out there...
For those of you who have kids like my son, don't give up! Keep making them try it, eventually they'll like them!
As for fruit, if I cut it up and put it on the table, they eat it, don't bother asking if they want it, just do it!
I'd love to hear your comments about the Great Veggie Struggle!

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  1. My son is terrible with fruits and veggies, but i do agree that if i keep trying sometimes it works. lately i've been saying he has to have a few bites of at least one fruit or veggie before he can have the rest of his meal.. that works!

  2. Thank you so much for adding your blog!

    My son is pretty good at eating veggies and fruits, surprisingly, but my oldest daughter doesn't like them.

    I give my daughter a spoonful of veggies and have her eat half of them before she eats the rest of her meal. It seems to work. That way she has her "good" stuff to wash down the veggies! She has to atleast TRY the veggies!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies, it's great to see mom's trying out there and not just giving in to the chicken nuggets!

  4. Say NO to the french fries and chicken nuggets... especially if it is fast food. Try making the sweet potatoe fries and homemade nuggets. Put the fruit on a stick. Make eggrolls and blend the veggies... I never substituted when I made dinner. What was on the table was all there was to eat. They had to eat that or wait for the next meal. Even one good bite of veggie was all that was required. All my kids are now veggie and fruit lovers. It's amazing what they will eat when they actually get hungry enough and all that is offered to them/available is good, healthy food. Getting them involved in gardening and harvesting also helps.

  5. My son is picky too. I agree, you have to keep trying!! My daughter just loves anything and has always been that way. I think some kids are harder than others, but you have to be creative. Great ideas from Sassy!! :)

  6. I have one that LOVES fruits and veggies. One of her favorite snacks is a handful or two of frozen peas. She also likes to gnaw on frozen broccoli. My other three are not quite as enthused about veggies, but one thing that helps is when we're at the grocery store I let them look at all the produce and pick a new fruit or vegetable they'd like to try. The fact that they chose it makes them want to at least try it.

  7. I'm your newest follower from "Ask Momma's Wed."

    One of my boys will eat anything including veggies. The other one we hide veggies with dip, peanut butter, ect.

  8. Your header is beautiful...makes me want to have another baby all over again.
    Great advice about the veggies. It worked on one of my kids, sort of worked on another, but did not work at all on one. I swear I'd melt chocolate on broccoli if he would eat it!
    Found you through a Wednesday blog hop!

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