Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hair Clip Week.... Marili Jean

Marili Jean
Accessories ...for the little diva
Marili Jean

"Marili Jean Accessories specializes in stylish and trendy hats for little ones, all while keeping comfort as the number one factor."
Marili Jean is not just about adorable hats as you can see, they create these BEAUTIFUL hair clips as well! We fell in love with them, the vibrant colors and quality are truly one of a kind. As you know, we love handmade here at Ashley Petite so we are partial to these hand knit clips.
Marili Jean Accessories started their company in Colorado in 2009.
It is their goal to provide comfort, quality and a little bit of diva pizzazz!

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  1. I have many hair clips from Lovebugkids and love them. They are excellent quality and made with love. Every time my love bug is wearing her clippies I get asked where we purchased them. Check out the site you will be sure to fall in love!