Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hair Clip Week.... two piggies & a pony

two piggies & a pony
handmade hair accessories
You can visit their Etsy Store in the mean time....

"I am a perfectionist, and quality is very important to me. I design my accessories to match the season and to be as versatile as possible. I promise that any accessory you purchases will be an eye catcher!"
-Shannon, owner

This says a lot about her, the quality of these clips are profound.  Made with great quality ribbon and love, you can almost feel it in the way it's made.
Great quality hair accessories are hard to come by, so when you stumble upon a great product you want to go back for more!
If you're into preppy combinations or just want to keep up with the seasons, there are plenty to choose from.
The headbands are my favorite! They're comfy and made with extra cushion.
From hair bows to crochet beanie hats you are sure to fall in love with this store!

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  1. My daughter wears her bows from Two Piggies and a Pony ALL the time. They are very well made & stay put in her hair, which is a must. I LOVE the color combination in her bows :-) Keep up the good work Shannon!

  2. Our grand daughter has asked for hair bows and clippies for Christmas this year! These are so adorable! I also love the colors! They would easily match some of the popular color schemes for little girls out now!

    thanks for posting this!